25 epic cosplayers from San Diego Comic-Con 2018

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Ruth Wilder

It is always truly fun when you see a cosplay that isn’t part of the norm. To see Ruth Wilder on the convention floor probably had a lot of fans of G.L.O.W screaming! The Netflix original series took to the internet and fans everywhere wanted more.

Based on the real-life show about the “glamorous ladies of wrestling”, the show focuses on the struggle for fame that many face and the relationships we make and lose along the way. Starring Alison Brie as Ruth, this cosplay is great because it is unapologetic in this cosplayer’s love for G.L.O.W.

What makes a cosplay is the emotional connection behind it. Everyone can find an all-black outfit and show up somewhere looking like Neo from The Matrix but it takes the love of a fan to make the look other-worldly.

Clearly, this cosplayer loves the show and Ruth and wanted to bring her to life in a new and fun way. She wanted to be the kind of character that can bring out joy in people and that’s exactly what Ruth does.

Also, what dedication to wear a leotard around SDCC all day long. That takes guts and that’s just like Ruth Wilder.