25 epic cosplayers from San Diego Comic-Con 2018

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Wonder Woman

Thanks to Patty Jenkins and the cast of 2017’s Wonder Woman, there were plenty of Diana Prince’s on the circuit. So why was this one of the best? Because she stuck close to what makes Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman so incredible.

It is a simple cosplay that brings to life the character we all know and love. She is just a woman who wants to bring love and protection to the world and does so in some pretty amazing Amazonian armor.

Many were inspired by the film, and for good reason, so it isn’t wild to see a Wonder Woman out on the convention floor. Many try to recreate her look in their own way and that’s fine. Yet, it is the ones who bring her to life as she is portrayed in the movie that make our hearts soar.

When Diana Prince went to cross No Man’s Land, she showed the men on the other side her armor, ran through the land that none of them could cross so she could save an entire town that was under siege. At that moment, everyone knew she was not to be underestimated.