25 epic cosplayers from San Diego Comic-Con 2018

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Black Panther

Give us this female T’Challa now. Obviously, Black Panther made a big splash on the SDCC scene this year. After the release of the movie, everyone wanted a part of Wakanda. So this cosplayer said why be the king when you can be the queen?

Dressing up as Black Panther, she looked absolutely incredible! Who wouldn’t want this cosplayer as their ruler? Maybe it is just because she wore this cosplay with such ease but there is something so amazing about a female T’Challa.

So often, there are men who will cosplay as female characters and it is fine and fun but when a lady takes on the biggest hero of 2018? We can all appreciate that. With a look of pure royalty, she took to the convention floor and made us all question whether or not we should have a new Black Panther already (and let’s just cast this cosplayer).

She is incredible, beautiful, and looks like one hero you don’t want on your bad side. The Black Panther is always the most powerful in Wakanda and this cosplayer brought justice to that title. She’s ready to fight and we’re all right there alongside her!