25 epic cosplayers from San Diego Comic-Con 2018

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Want to cry? Well then look at this Spock! He looks just like Leonard Nimoy and it is almost hard to look at him without remembering the Spock we know and love so well from the original Star Trek series. Granted, Spock isn’t exactly a character that’s hard to find on a convention floor.

Really, any tall man can pull off a Spock look but this cosplayer has some of the stoic quality of Leonard Nimoy that has us wishing he was still here to quote at us about logic. Jim Kirk may be missing him but if he found this cosplayer, he would be right back alongside his friend.

There is something so wonderful about seeing someone who looks and acts like a characte. Clearly, this man knows Spock and moods. He presents himself in such a way in this one picture that we all feel as if we’re looking at our favorite half human, half Vulcan.

Spock is a complex character who has to try to understand his own heritage in order to help those on other planets and he is a wonderful example of acceptance and understanding. To have him in the canon still is brilliant and this cosplayer is definitely doing him justice!