25 epic cosplayers from San Diego Comic-Con 2018

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Cinderella and her stepsisters

Disney gets a lot of love at conventions because a lot of us grew up watching those movies. From Belles and their beasts to a whole bunch of mash-up characters, we just love to bring up our love of Disney and their creations.

But you know who doesn’t get that much love? The step sisters from Cinderella. This group hit the convention floor ready to take on whatever villainous acts were needed, including their own Cinderlla and Prince Charming.

This is such an adorable look to bring to a convention! With so many people attempting to be serious representations of their favorite characters, something fun like this really tends to stick out. They are all so on point with their characterization that it is almost like the cartoon characters have come to life right before our eyes.

They’re fun, wonderful, and ready to torture Cinderella at whatever chance they can. Too bad the step sisters from the live-action Cinderella weren’t dressed more like this. That would have been wonderful and terrible and everything cheesy about the first movie that we loved so much. Maybe let these sisters keep their eyes though, the birds don’t need to come poking around this time.