25 epic cosplayers from San Diego Comic-Con 2018

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Captain Marvel

Get ready boys, Carol is coming. With the upcoming Captain Marvel movie coming out, it is very clear that fans are excited to see Carol Danvers take the screen. Again, it is partially because of the shocking lack of female-led superhero movies out in the world today.

This will be the first Marvel movie to have a female hero as its lead. You know, 10 years in and there still hasn’t been a single movie focused on one female hero. At least they waited and gave that honor to Carol Danvers though.

Captain Marvel is one of the greatest heroes and, definitely, the one who will save the Avengers from the destruction caused by Thanos. So what makes this cosplay so good? Well, she took the bare minimum of what makes Carol amazing and made it her own.

It was a simple look but it still conveyed the power that Carol Danvers possesses and, in their own way, this cosplayer got us excited for what was to come from Captain Marvel. Where is Carol Danvers going to take us? Well, she just took us to SDCC and we can’t wait until she transports us back to the ’90s next year!