25 epic cosplayers from San Diego Comic-Con 2018

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Who doesn’t love seeing a random Beetlejuice? You don’t have to say his names three times for him. You just have to be at the beach! This cosplayer brought to life the anti-hero we love to hate.

Michael Keaton brought him to life in a movie that had us questioning our attraction to a ghoul with rotting teeth but still, this black and white ensemble reminds us just why we love this weirdo so much. Because you know he’d totally be at the beach dressed like this.

Cosplayers who bring out old faves are often seen as winners in a sense because we all have a sense of nostalgia. Who doesn’t love seeing something from their childhood while they are at SDCC?

To be fair, any Beetlejuice would be great to see but this one is particularly creative. Beetlejuice takes the beach is unique and definitely not something you see very often while walking around the convention floor.

That being said, who would want to see Michael Keaton’s Beetlejuice shirtless? Still, it makes us miss Beetlejuice and the movie that made us all super into a gross Michael Keaton and a young Alec Baldwin.