This new Hannibal fan comic is keeping the fandom alive


A new Hannibal webcomic is the latest in a long line of successful fandom endeavors connected to the show.

Hannibal has been off the air since 2015, but fans of the series, who affectionately refer to themselves as “fannibals,” are still keeping the fandom alive through an ever-growing list of fan-made campaigns and creations.

Last year, a Kickstarter campaign raised over $62,000 to create an anthology of fan art and fic centered around the show. Radiance, the anthology, is not the only significant fan project to come from the fandom, however. A new fan comic, Mind Palace: Stranger Than Fiction, launched on July 18.

Mind Palace is by Dave Dwonch and Santiago Guillen, two big fans of Bryan Fuller and Hannibal. Dwonch was Eisner-nominated for his series, Priceless, and he and Guillen worked together on their first graphic novel, Spores: Prom of the Dead.

So far, not a lot of details are known about the plot of the comic. According to creator Dave Dwonch, “Mind Palace aims to be a celebration of ALL of Bryan Fuller’s creations, and without spoiling too much, you’re going to see a lot of familiar friends throughout.”

This webcomic is an exciting development for fans of the series who are still working to get the show revived. Since the show was canceled, fannibals have been contacting networks and sites, such as Netflix and Hulu, about picking up the show. Some fans even created the Save Fannibal Movement with the specific purpose of bringing fans together to rally to save the show.

While the show has not been picked up for renewal at this time, the fact that fan projects and involvement are still so strong in a fandom that could easily have died three years ago is pretty exciting!

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The comic is just getting started, so now is a great time to dive in and join in on the fun. To support the comic, you can check out their Patreon.