Game of Thrones season 8 fan posters show Jon Snow, dragon rider


If Game of Thrones season 8 actually puts Jon Snow on the back of a dragon, then we won’t be as surprised now that this fanart has given us a taste.

So far as we know, we don’t have official art from Game of Thrones season 8 just yet. There’s been a supposed poster released by HBO Nordic, but none of HBO’s other arms has picked it up just yet. But that hasn’t stopped fans from putting things together based on their theories or hopes for the final season.

In the case of one fan, u/maxwellthebeech, it’s not just one thing — it’s three things, specifically three posters. There’s one for each of the dragons, and each of them even has a rider.

The artist put them on r/freefolk, but here they are:

"Haven’t posted anything here in quite a while! Thought he Free Folk might enjoy this poster series I did in excitement for season 8. They are respectively: Dany & Drogon, the Night King & Viserion, Jon & Rhaegal from freefolk"

Two of the three posters, of course, are pretty unsurprising. Daenerys has always ridden Drogon; the Night King made Viserion his mount in season 7; but Rhaegal has gone unridden. Not so in the third poster. Instead, the artist chose to put Jon Snow himself as Rhaegal’s rider.

Moreover, as one comment notes, Jon Snow also has a flaming sword to match his dragon; while the fan posits that it’s Lightbringer, it’s possible for other people to use flaming swords. After all, Beric Dondarrion uses one in season 7, and it’s not specifically Lightbringer. Jon himself has Longclaw, and we don’t know if it’s possible to light a Valyrian steel sword aflame. (Spoilers have suggested that that might be the case, but nothing is certain.)

In fact, the middle poster actually shows the Night King over what appears to be a burning Winterfell, also lining up with what’s known about the production of season 8. Daenerys and Jon, meanwhile, have more generic backgrounds.

Even during this dark time of waiting, fans are still showing their passion for Game of Thrones. It’s a pretty solid fandom moment and might just give the fans a boost during this year’s Fandom 250 across the entire FanSided network!

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But of course, we can just appreciate the cool posters, too.