25 Game of Thrones characters that bring more fire than ice

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Episode 67 (season 7, episode 7), debut 8/27/17: Kit Harington.

photo: Macall B. Polay/courtesy of HBO

As everyone fights for the Iron Throne, we’re over here fighting some serious thirst over these attractive Game of Thrones characters.

We know that Game of Thrones isn’t exactly known for being the kind of show where you focus on how hot everyone is. Oh, who are we kidding here — the show is known for its many sexy scenes and quite a few characters who’ve gone shirtless (for the show’s storyline, of course, not just for us).

While not too many characters are ones we’d actually pine for. Sure, they’re pretty to look at, but not all of the characters are exactly great. Most of them have murdered quite a lot of people and wouldn’t hesitate in killing you if they needed to get to the throne.

Or maybe they’d fight for your honor, another trait that seems to constantly pop up in Game of Thrones. Whatever the case may be, these 25 characters are the ones who may have some questionable actions but we enjoy looking at them.

From Khal Drogo to Jon Snow, we’re hitting all our thirst-worthy faves from HBO’s hit show.