The Originals season 5 episode 11 review: ‘Til the Day I Die


The Originals celebrates an intimate wedding and Elijah reflects on a cherished reunion with Hayley.

The wardrobe department on The Originals went all out on last’s night’s episode. “‘Til The Day I Die.” The sentimental episode slowly simmered, and not a drop of blood was spilled on the beautiful finery draping the stunning cast.

I’ll admit, I did not notice what Declan was wearing. I was too distracted by his baby blues. With his righteousness and sense of duty, Declan is a reincarnation of The Vampire Diaries’ Matt Donovan. Declan seeks justice and a voice for the human folk of New Orleans. At first, Marcel objects to human intervention into city affairs. After listening to Davina, and reflecting on what the late Josh would have liked, Marcel sets a place for Declan at the faction table.

Speaking of a sense of duty… Vincent’s sense of duty just up and left. While Vincent deserves sympathy for losing Ivy, he is unable to drag himself out of his self-pity. He opts to skip town and whimpers away, rather than supporting his best friend on her wedding day. Poor form from Vincent, especially as he unleashed the evil that is consuming Hope.

Rebekah arrives to counsel Freya on her reluctance to have children with Keelin. As The Originals has focused for many seasons on Klaus’ issues on being a dodgy parent like his father, Freya’s fretting feels unnecessary. The reunion between Marcel and Rebekah is touching. More Marcel and Rebekah screen time would have been preferable to wasting Rebekah’s return with contrived pre-wedding jitters.

Supernatural super couple, Davina and Kol, are unsuccessful in finding a cure for Hope’s impending doom. Davina is totally successful in finding an absolutely smashing two-piece number to wear to the wedding. The young-Hope-in-jeopardy tale contrasts with the older and wiser Davina. Nostalgic parallels are drawn with the first season, when Davina was the new supernatural kid in the quarter.

At the wedding, Freya wears antique cream lace and impeccably tuxedoed brothers on her arms, while Keelin beams in crisp white. The blissful union is visually similar to Caroline and Stefan Salvatore’s — though, with less the sunshine and no compelled guests. A few outdoor heaters would not have gone astray for those mortals in attendance. The champagne warms everyone’s cockles, including Hope’s, and she expresses that she finally feels part of the always and forever gang. If the evil magic residing within Hope does take her life, then she may truly be always and forever — Hope was born with vampire in her system.

While Klaus is stunned for most of the episode, staring at the black veins creeping up Hope’s neck, Elijah reflects on a time in France when he was an amnesiac. Hayley arrives at his bar and introduces herself as Andrea, her birth name. The pair share a poignant day, complete with love and comfortable silences. Via a letter, Hayley forgives Elijah for leaving, and via an embrace, Klaus forgives Elijah. Yet, Elijah cannot forgive himself. He admits remembering Hayley when he saw her on that final day. He could have saved her.

With New Orleans lacking witchy workarounds, next week, Klaus will venture to Mystic Falls to try to find a cure for Hope in “The Tale of Two Wolves.”

Fingers crossed that Caroline and Alaric have a new Bennett witch tucked away at The Salvatore School.

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While we eagerly await a familiar glimpse of the upcoming Legacies setting, it is almost over for the original brothers. Elijah’s final bow draws near. Elijah looks set for the afterlife, where Hayley will be waiting to dance with him.