The Originals season 5 episode 10 review: There in the Disappearing Light


On The Originals, Josh kisses Marcel goodbye, Antoinette smacks her lips on Elijah and bails, and Bill is smacked on the head with a filing cabinet.

Poison was not the only lethal taint in the chalices of the witches last week. Ivy and her fallen foe returned this week on The Originals in “There in the Disappearing Light”. The witches had drunk vampire blood and returned in a transitional limbo. Drink human blood and become a vampire, or abstain and die. While Ivy had foreseen a final destination enveloped in honeysuckle, death’s path would lead her into the ancestral plane, a dark replica of New Orleans where late witches languish.

Vincent unites the city’s witches in the cemetery to release the dead witches from the ancestral world. Four young witches in the crowd must have breathed a sigh of relief. No more ancestral plane means no more sacrificing of harvest girls to draw power from the ancestors. A key witch storyline is neatly wrapped up, and Vincent and Ivy have a chance to say their farewells.

Over at chez Michaelson, Klaus offers to be Hope’s punching bag so she can release the torment of the evil magic within her. Yet, flinging daddy dearest around does not diminish the rage, so Klaus procures Roman to be Hope’s whipping boy. As nothing can be gained by punishing the ignorant, Hope halts the torture of Roman and unabated anger sees black veins creep up her arms. While Klaus and Elijah banter in an attempt to fool us that their alliance has completely crumbled, Elijah returns to the fold as key advisor and brings Klaus onboard with a plan to gather the nightwalkers. Here’s CW’s inside take on the episode:

Meanwhile, at the bar, Josh advises Declan that it is foolish to go scouring old church records to find out more about the death of his crazy relatives. Josh then rejects the advances of a camouflage-wearing lad who reminds him of his lost love Aiden. Finally, Josh responds to a message from Marcel who is down at an old plant trying to dig up dirt on Emmett and his crew. Josh arrives to find Marcel drained of his toxic venom, and after the pair martial art the life out of a few bad guys, an errant syringe of venom lodges in Josh’s heart. After another touching farewell, Josh awakens in the afterlife and Aiden is waiting behind the wheel.

Antoinette hoodwinks all the nightwalkers into attending an uprising conference in the church only to have them all blasted with blue evil from Hope. Elijah’s moral compass is askew. He claims that torturing a vampire boy sucked into zealotry will be the downfall of Hayley’s humanity. Yet, inflicting mass pain, most likely death, on a swarm of vampires sucked into zealotry is just dandy. Elijah looks set for more soul searching next week.

The good news is, that the evil magic has likely killed all the nightwalkers. The bad news is, that Declan was nosing about in the church archives with an extra named Bill and the blast flattened them. While Klaus saves Declan, poor Bill was squished under a heavy cabinet. With a human death the collateral damage from her blue blasting, Hope has triggered her werewolf curse.

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It’s time now to mop up our tears and prepare for two anticipated events of next week — the return of the supernatural supercouple, Kol and Davina; and the wedding of Freya and Keelin.