The Originals season 5 episode 9 review: We Have Not Long To Love


On The Originals, Vincent picks a side, Freya picks Keelin, Hope picks rage, and Declan doesn’t have a choice.

In the aftermath of a savage storm in New Orleans, the original family partakes fresh beignets and fruits for breakfast. On The Originals, “We Have Not Long To Love,” Klaus is angry at Freya for helping Hope lift the curse, and Hope is livid with Elijah over her mother’s death. The evil magic is strengthening Hope’s powers and her rage. She is able to bend a fork and knocks out Klaus with a wave of her hand when he offers empathy for the parseltongue chattering in her head.

Emmett and his nightwalkers spread hateful propaganda across the city and demand that werewolves be banished. After being evicted from their headquarters, by Marcel and Josh opening of a curtain on a sunny day, Emmett heads to the cemetery with only a hoodie for protection. Emmett catches up with Vincent in a tomb. He demands Vincent and his witches choose a side, and it better be the side of the night walking purists … or else.

By the ruins of trashed balsa wood and crepe paper, Lisina delivers a William Wallace style speech to a teeny pack of wolves — they can take our floats, but they can never take our freedom. With her martyrdom secured, Lisena is rapidly dispatched via a bomb delivered on behalf of the nightwalkers. This scene felt like a poor cousin of True Blood S2E9 when an extremist blew up a vampire gathering. In True Blood, there were bodies everywhere and tension was heightened by Eric convincing Sookie to suck bullets out of his body. The Originals could not muster the extras, and Marcel was required to say that there were two more casualties.

The event was, however, the catalyst for a truly heartwarming scene. Realising that life is to be lived in the present, Freya proposes marriage and presents Keelin with a rock that is as abundant as their love.

An engagement was also on Declan’s mind. He tends the bar and reveals that he had traveled to Ireland to collect a ring from his nan. Not that Hayley would have said yes, as her ex did a real number on her. Realizing that the stranger at the bar is Elijah, the dodgy ex, Declan asks for the truth about Hayley’s death. Here’s CW’s inside look at the episode:

Hope arrives to ask Declan for a favor — absinthe for a spell? Maybe he has some of his cousin Cami’s dark objects lying around? What Hope seeks is not revealed as she sees Elijah. Hope’s eyes flash blue, and from across the room, she angrily swipes her arms back and forth. Elijah’s fancy clothes and his flesh are sliced apart.

Helicopter parent Klaus drags Hope away. Elijah admits to Declan that he, Hayley and others are (or were) supernaturals. This insight is wiped as Elijah compels Declan to believe that Hayley found peace and that Declan is at peace for knowing such. With Hope realizing that the evil within her mind can only be calmed by brutality, Hope will start learning Violence 101. Her father is the perfect tutor.

Back on the streets of Westside Story, The Sharks and The Jets gather for a showdown. Marcel leads the allied wolves and vampires against Emmett and his nightwalkers. Josh sticks the boot in and continually reminds Marcel that Emmett’s agenda is not very different from Marcel’s. Back in the days, vampire king Marcel had banned witch magic and exiled the wolves to The Bayou. Marcel weakly claims that his enforced segregation was for stability, yet Emmett’s is for violence.

Before the rival gangs can break into song, Vincent leaves Switzerland and stands by Marcel. He returns one of Emmett’s verbal threats with a fire spell and realizes that the nightwalkers are not truly there. They have pulled another rogue witch out of their pocket and are an illusion of astral projection. The nightwalkers exact revenge on Vincent for choosing poorly. Over at the cemetery, Ivy and the witches drink from poisoned chalices. Vincent races over, yet he arrives too late.

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For a united group of supernaturals, there never seems to be a vampire on hand when you need one. If only Vincent had told Marcel. A vampire could have reached the cemetery faster and cured Ivy with his blood.

Also, where is Antoinette?