Game of Thrones season 8: Just call Sansa the lady of Winterfell


If Sophie Turner’s latest comments are any indication, we could see Sansa Stark with an actual title in Game of Thrones season 8.

Game of Thrones season 8 might actually hand Sansa Stark a title. Okay, it’s probably at least partially wishful thinking, but this wishful thinking is based in something resembling fact. After all, speaking to Digital Spy, Sophie Turner shed some light on her character’s journey over these final six episodes.

Here’s the start of season 8 for Sansa, per Turner: “She’s a real, true leader of Winterfell now. And that’s where we first see her – as a very protective, empowered lady in charge.” Granted, that could easily be in relation more to her season 7 actions rather than about any season 8 developments. The original article even makes the connection for us there. But Digital Spy itself also emphasized the “true leader” quote, which suggests that Turner was quite emphatic in saying it.

In terms of practicality, it’s entirely possible that we could see Sansa as Lady of Winterfell. Should Daenerys emerge victorious and make Jon her king consort, he likely won’t be lord of Winterfell any longer. To illustrate why, look at the Baratheons. Though Robert is king at the start of the series, he’s not also lord of Storm’s End. That’s his brother Renly, while Stannis is based on Dragonstone. In the same vein, the Targaryen rulers weren’t also lords of Dragonstone. Instead, their heirs used the title Prince/Princess of Dragonstone.

However, they have someone suitable to inherit Winterfell in Sansa Stark. Although it’s unknown if there’s ever been a lady of Winterfell, it’s not like there isn’t precedent in the North thanks to Lyanna Mormont ruling as Lady of Bear Island (or, you know, Daenerys wanting to be Queen of the Seven Kingdoms all by herself). Additionally, as we’ve noted before, Sansa is basically already in charge.

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All this could just be another cryptic teaser, but we’ve got a feeling that something good could come Sansa’s way (finally) in season 8.