Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers: A little snowy activity


Work on Game of Thrones season 8 has a new focus at a different location, and it seems as though things could be getting quite serious.

Warning: Some of our favorite words include Game of Thrones and spoilers. We’re talking about both here.

Although much of our focus lately when it comes to Game of Thrones season 8 has been dedicated to what’s happening at what should be King’s Landing, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other things in motion.

For example, our sister site, Winter is Coming, has found a photo originally coming from Twitter user Stephen McGuckin:

Although you might doubt that it’s Winterfell being shown, take a closer look at those familiar towers … or just the snow, although WiC points out that it looks like the fake snow isn’t sticking too well.

Unfortunately, we don’t know who exactly is shooting here, although, again as WiC notes, it looks like we should be getting a fairly bright scene, thanks to those lights. Winterfell’s courtyard does usually see some interesting scenes — Arya and Brienne’s duel, anyone? — and our early, based-on-nothing-at-all guess is that this might be a scene where Sansa has to greet Daenerys Targaryen in Winterfell. (Look, we haven’t even heard anything on where Emilia Clarke is, unlike Kit Harington, but just let us have this, okay?)

Look, we just want an excuse to have her and Sophie Turner on our screens at the same time. And, since, as far as Sansa knows, she’s still effectively the Lady of Winterfell, she should be out to welcome Jon Snow, returning back from his journey … only to see that Daenerys has arrived too. Where on earth will they put the dragons, one wonders?

It’d also make for a fairly interesting parallel to the scenes from season 7, where Sansa got to welcome her known family home in the forms of Bran and Arya — Daenerys is, sort-of kind-of, related to her through their shared connection of Jon Snow, not that anyone actually knows about that yet except Bran.

It’s best to reiterate that this is totally a theory, but we’d like to see a scene like this, with two powerful women sharing screentime and actually meeting for the first time. Both of them have had some very long journeys so far. We’re not saying we want them to be best friends or anything, but even just being able to sit down and talk seems like something interesting for Game of Thrones season 8.

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What do you think? Do you have any dream scenes for Winterfell?