20 of the most unforgettable Pixar moments

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Brave teaser YouTube thumbnail. Image via Disney/Pixar.

We all love a heartwarming family film, and Pixar does the genre better than anyone. Here are 20 Pixar moments you’ll never forget.

For over two decades, Pixar has created some of the best, if not the best, films to come out of the Walt Disney Company. Starting as a small company of creators making short films in their garages, Pixar Animation Studios has grown into the star runner of animated film, revolutionizing the world of animation with their computer animated films.

Their first full-length film, Toy Story, took viewers into the world we know today (with some minor change s— the toys are alive!) from a viewpoint most could have never imagined. And as the first full-length computer-animated film, Toy Story changed the game for animated filmmaking. Since that first release in 1995, the studio has continued to create stories for people of all ages to enjoy, maintaining the same original, intriguing, and lovable appeal that the films have had from the beginning.

With 20 films under its belt, Pixar has created hundreds of moments for audiences to enjoy, but somehow we have managed to cut this list down to just 20. Read on to see which moments made our list of top 20 Pixar moments (in no particular order), and hopefully, in 20 years time, we will have plenty of more Pixar moments to celebrate.