Special Deadpool 2 Blu-ray comes with a children’s book you won’t read to kids


Some fans might want to grab a special edition of Deadpool 2 that’ll include a fun children’s book… that’s not actually for children.

Any psychologist would tell you that reading to a child every day would be greatly beneficial to their development. That is, unless you read them a Deadpool-themed book like the one coming out soon.

Deadpool 2 looks like it’ll be taking its own spin on those beloved Little Golden Books with a less child-friendly story titled A (Not Suitable For) Children’s Book. The book, according to The Hollywood Reporterwill be 24 pages of illustrated Deadpool fun that comes along with either  the 4K Ultra HD or Blu-ray home release.

First looks at the book show it following the same events of the story in Deapool 2. Of course, Wade Wilson is the book’s humble narrator.

There’s a lot of unique Deadpool-brand humor on hand, with fourth wall breaks galore. One page, for instance, introduces Cable as he breaks into the mutant prison. Here’s an excerpt of that passage just as a taste of how ridiculous the book will be:

"This cybernetic blast from the days of future past is Cable (nee Thanos). And he’s angrier than a Real Housewife of New Jersey and all because of that kid Fire Fist.“I’m here for the kid. Grrr,” says Cable.Well, I of course have a soft spot for cuddly Kiwis — so fuzzy — so I’m not gonna just stand around and let Cable push around a kid. Seems unfair. Also, wouldn’t further the plot. So we fight and both end up conveniently tossed from the prison."

Another page reveals the scene where Wade Wilson and Vanessa discuss the “F word,” which is family, of course. (We won’t have to cry again when reading that, will we?) And the part where the whole X-Force gets together definitely made it into the book. Let’s just hope they skip over the part where half the X-Force, unfortunately, bites it.

So, now we all have some light summer reading on our hands thanks to this totally not suitable for children’s book. But if you’re one of those people who likes to watch the movie without reading the book, we totally won’t judge you. Deadpool might.

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This special version of Deadpool 2 in Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD will only be available at Target. No release date for the home release is set just yet. But considering Avengers: Infinity War will be out on home release August 14, Deadpool 2 might be out around August 28 — considering the movies came out two weeks apart from one another.