Kanye West loves Deadpool so much that really he wants his music in the next film


Kanye West tweeted about his love for Deadpool and said he’d be down to help with its music next time. In response, Ryan Reynolds had something clever of his own to say.

Erratic, impulsive, no filter, and a little off-kilter… Are we talking about Kanye West or Deadpool? In this case, we’re talking about Kanye. But Kanye did show his love for the Deadpool movies in a mini-Twitter tribute.

Given the similarities between Wade Wilson and Mr. West, it’s all starting to make sense why that movie would appeal to him. But the rapper, who for once tweeted something agreeable, not only mentioned about his love for the movie but the soundtrack as well.

Could he pull a Kendrick Lamar like with the Black Panther soundtrack and put his own personal touch on the unplanned movie?

Kanye mentioned that he would have even put his own music on the shelf just so he could work on the Deadpool soundtrack. But really, how would the world go on knowing we’d have to wait months before hearing “poopity scoop” just so he could work on some movie?

Then, much like Kanye’s other erratic, impulsive, no-filter favorite, Donald Trump, he couldn’t stop with one tweet, and he showered the movie with more praise. He also repeated one more time, just for good measure, that he’s totally down to work on a Deadpool soundtrack.

To Kanye’s hopeful surprise, Ryan Reynolds actually tweeted back at him, making it seem like the position for Head Deadpool Soundtrack Celebrity was already filled. But maybe Kanye good get a junior position if Céline Dion gives him the okay. Dion, as Reynolds was referring to, helped create the James Bond-like opening number for Deadpool 2. 

Getting the chance to work on the Deadpool soundtrack might have been the opportunity of a lifetime, but it looks Kanye won anyway by continuing to work on his music. His latest album, Ye, had all seven songs made the Billboard 100 Top 40 for some reason.

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Just goes to show that somewhere, somehow, Kanye still has a few loyal fans out there… And by a few, we mean enough to keep him surviving on the Billboard charts.