Kanye West might hang out with Rick and Morty’s Justin Roiland, and should we be worried?


Kanye West’s enthusiasm for Rick and Morty on Twitter led creator Justin Roiland to reach out to him. Now, the two might actually meet up.

This year we call 2018 keeps getting weirder and weirder, and Kanye West has probably accounted for at least 25 percent of that weirdness alone. Now, the rapper-gone-rogue might get to meet with the creator of the notorious adult cartoon show Rick and Morty.

Let’s rewind the tape to see how this anomaly got started. On Thursday, Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland announced he’d be getting back to work on the show in the most awkward way possible — by popping up in co-creator Dan Harmon’s shower to do it.

Shortly after, Roiland announced on Twitter with a neat illustration that Ricky and Morty will get 70 more episodes. Considering each season’s been around 10 episodes, that could be about seven more seasons — unless the season’s get an extended amount of episodes.

Not too long after, Kanye saw the good news and chimed in on how much he loved the show. He said he’s seen every episode at least five times. Considering how many times Adult Swim airs re-runs of the show (and with most episodes being on Hulu), we’d say his math checks out.

Even though Kanye didn’t reach out to Roiland personally on Twitter, Roiland saw the tweet anyway and suggested they hang out. He said, “Would love to have a good time with you cause that’s all that matters at this point.”

That’s basically the tone it seems most people in Kanye’s inner-circle have been taking recently. Though the rapper has had some controversial opinions as of late, people he’s worked with like Christina Aguilera still respect him for who he is.

And now, we’ve come full circle, as Kanye has tentatively accepted Roiland’s invitation to hang out.

If the two do meet up, could Kanye possibly find his way into the Rick and Morty universe? Other celebrities have already made their way into the popular show, including John Oliver, Keegan-Michael Key, and Stephen Colbert. So this could easily happen. Maybe Kanye could help Rick and Morty get schwifty all over again and make one killer song.

If he doesn’t have a voice cameo, we’re sure one of his thoughts will spark some creativity into Roiland. Fans are anxiously awaiting a fourth season. Anything that Kanye says might just be the creative juice that he needs to get fueled. When you think about it, the outlandishness of Rick Sanchez isn’t too far off from how Kanye himself.

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Between Kanye meeting Roiland, and Donald Trump meeting with Kim Jung-un, we think 2018 is likely to implode any minute now.

We can only imagine what odd pairing will be meeting up next…