An X-Force movie is still on the horizon despite Deadpool 2’s ending


Deadpool 2 finally gave us the gift of X-Force after years of waiting. So can we still expect to get a movie from them?

The X-Force made their appearance in Deadpool 2 and, while brief, they made their mark. Even before Deadpool 2, everyone was anxiously awaiting a new X-Force film… up until the end of the movie when we saw most of them died. But don’t worry, X-Force fans, there’s still hope.

Writer-director Drew Goddard is here to confirm that he’s still taking on the X-Force movie. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Goddard let us know his plans for the team after what happened in Deadpool 2. 

Like us, he even had to ease Ryan Reynold’s worries about the direction of the spin-off movie. “One thing I said to Ryan [Reynolds] was, ‘Don’t worry about it, we’ll come up with new ideas; you guys go make your movie, and do your thing. We’ll figure it out.’”

If you recall the very end of Deadpool 2, even though most of the team died, Wade decided he wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Peter (and the rest of X-Force). So he went back in time and save them. Well…some of them. Currently, the members stand as Domino, Deadpool, and Peter.

Except for Peter, Entertainment Weekly was able to confirm from Goddard that Domino, Deadpool and former-baddie Cable will take the lead in the movie, saying they’re “three characters he’s adored since reading X-Force comics as a kid.”

This is great news, and the only way to make it greater would be if someone goes back in time to rescue Terry Crews’ character from dying. We need more Bedlam in our lives because, really, Terry Crews is perfect.

We still want to know would the movie somehow include all of X-Force or just those remaining after their catastrophic beginning? Who knows, but even if there somehow was a miracle movie where the entire X-Force was back in action, most of us wouldn’t complain about it. Just give us some more Domino.

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You can see Deadpool 2 in theaters now. It is a fun, “family” film, but maybe don’t bring your kids to see it — even if Wade tries to tell you it’s family fun.