Chris Evans continues to prove his greatness with Captain America meme


Whether or not you particularly like Captain America, it’s hard not to like Chris Evans’ willingness to be goofy with the character on Twitter.

This is neither the time nor the place to have another debate on which of the four Hollywood Chrises is most superior and why. (All of them are special in their own ways, except Pratt. The stain of Star-Lord has set in at this point. We are only slightly kidding about this.) It is, however, a time to celebrate Chris Evans’ ongoing relationship with Captain America… and the memes that surround him.

This time around, it involved someone redubbing Captain America: Civil War. We didn’t know it was possible to improve the airport fight scene, but it apparently is.

It just involves a little Billy on the Street. Here’s the original video:

Billy Eichner himself then posted where the audio comes from as well as grabbing Chris Evans’ attention:

Now, presumably, wandering into your mentions is normally unpleasant. It’s probably a nightmare for the guy who plays Captain America and is one of the internet’s top-tier boyfriends. Nevertheless, he found it, and instead of being offended… he went right for the humor:

So, of course, the original creator of the clip actually came up with a response.

Although this isn’t the first time Evans has had positive interactions with his fans, one has to wonder if showing this good humor might just land his fandom a place on the Fandom 250 this year. He didn’t make the list last year (outside of joining the other three Chrises as a collective), but stuff like this might just help him strike out on his own.

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And besides, we feel confident in saying that Steve Rogers would happily captain any and all people willing to join his fight. Hey, he let Ant-Man join his team in Civil War, right?