[SPOILER] is definitely the worst after what they did in Avengers: Infinity War


A lot of people are mixed when it comes to Peter Quill. But in Avengers: Infinity War, a lot of us ended up disliking him just that much more.

Peter Quill, from Guardians of the Galaxy, is one of those characters that you either love or cannot stand. Avengers: Infinity War definitely didn’t help. He’s rude, he thinks he’s funny, and he has an ego that rivals Tony Stark’s.

So what happens when you put him with Tony Stark in a movie where he has to help save the world? Not a lot of good, apparently. Peter Quill could end up being the most hatest man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Beware: Below are spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War.

Peter Quill gets separated from Gamora when they try and stop Thanos from getting one of the infinity stones from the Collector. Prior to this, Gamora tells Peter she has to be killed if Thanos gets a hold of her. At first, Quill doesn’t take the request seriously. Gamora makes him swear on his dead mother that he’ll kill her before she becomes Thanos’ captive.

Quill agrees, but things (of course) do not go as planned.

Thanos does indeed capture Gamora, and Quill is unable to kill the love of his life. Understandable of course. This isn’t so much why we end up hating him. That’s coming.

Thanos takes Gamora and leaves Quill, Mantis and Drax. This leads to Star-Lord and gang ending up on a planet with Tony Stark, Stephen Strange and Peter Parker. It is an ego trip that no one really wants (with the exception of our sweet baby boy, Peter Parker).

What happens next is Peter Quill letting his emotions take over him. As an audience member, it is almost laughable at how bad he messes things up. Especially, as a female audience member. Of all the horrible stereotypes out there, women letting their emotions run wild is easily at the top of the list.

Instead, in Infinity War, female heroes like Wanda Maximoff or Shuri are able to push past their emotions to get things done. Shuri tries to save Vision by extracting his infinity stone before Thanos can get to him. She’s incredibly brave, working hard as Wakanda is under attack. Wanda ends up having to take the life of Vision, whom she loves. (Granted, Thanos reverses time and gets the stone anyway, but still.)

Peter Quill literally brings on the rapture at the hand of Thanos because he was upset that Thanos killed Gamora, a woman he kissed once.

The entirety of the universe fell because Peter Quill couldn’t stop himself from being upset. It is ridiculous.

It did nothing to help us favor his character more. If anything, it proves men can and will be just as emotional as women, if not more.

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