Avengers: Infinity War: What does the movie mean for Bucky Barnes?


Everyone’s favorite Winter Soldier didn’t have too much time in Avengers: Infinity War, but let’s talk about Bucky Barnes.

Warning! Major spoilers ahead for Avengers: Infinity War. Read at your own risk, and remember, Thanos demands your silence.

Avengers: Infinity War included a lot of our favorites, and that means that Bucky Barnes was part of the battle. The problem? Not enough James Buchanan, and a lot of unanswered questions that get more convoluted with the ending.

Bucky Barnes became a fan favorite from the moment he was on screen. So when Sebastian Stan seemingly vanished at the end of the movie, fans were not exactly pleased. If you’re like me, you probably cried out: “This is unnecessary. Why?! He was happy!”.

Basically, the rapture comes at the hand of Thanos, and Bucky Barnes is one taken in it — meaning that we have to watch Bucky go “Steve,” and then vanish into a pile of leaves like Voldemort.

It was hard to watch and wasn’t fun, but it brings up a big plot point: What’s going to happen to everyone who we watched die? Especially since Sebastian Stan said Bucky is supposed to become Captain America. So the theory going around is that everyone who vanished is going to end up coming back because someone saves them.

Meaning a lot of the surviving Avengers will sacrifice themselves in order to save their friends. It isn’t a surprise to who will sacrifice themselves for Bucky because when doesn’t Steve Rogers do something for Bucky Barnes?

To be quite honest, that’s the only way I can really see the sequel going. They no longer have the Time Stone, so Stephen Strange cannot reverse what happened. And unless Thanos is suddenly like, “Wow guys, it is super lonely destroying the universe, so I’m going to change my mind,” it’s pretty obvious that there are going to have to be sacrifices.

So who is going to die and who will survive? Really, no one knows.

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