All 16 Queer Eye makeovers ranked (so yes, get the tissues)

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QUEER EYE season 2 episode 3 production still. Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

9. Leo, “Unleash the Sexy Beast” (S2, E3)

Leo has a sexy beast inside that his wife Bethany wants him to let out, but he’s hiding it under baggy, graphic tees and basketball shorts, a messy beard, and unkempt hair. She asked the Fab Five for some help to get Leo and the rest of the world to see just how sexy he is.

Leo is a bartender and works nights, so his diet consists of a lot of leftover bar food, which his wife is sick of. The worst part is, he’s actually a good cook and likes to make food, but he’s just kinda lazy after work.

The Fab Five come into Leo’s life to help him feel more comfortable as a father and as a husband, but most of all, to feel comfortable around the other fathers at his children’s school. He wasn’t confident because he felt like he wasn’t accepted by the other dads because of his messy style and “unconventional” job as a bartender.

Like with the young performer Sean, the boys got Leo together with some other fathers to show him that they would accept him as one of them. Karamo organizes a play date with some of the dads from the school to prove to Leo that the other dads would accept him. And they did!

Jonathan really worked his magic on this one, because Leo really did leave that chair looking like a sexy beast, a huge improvement on his sloppy look from before! He trimmed the beard and cut off his hair, but still kept some curls and texture for him to play with. Paired with some new jeans, blazers, and more appropriate t-shirts, Leo looks more put together, slimmer, and more confident than ever. Best of all, he walked into his first parent-teacher mixer with his wife with a smile on his face and fit right in with the other parents, which is all he really wanted.

The makeover must have been a major success, because by the end of the episode, Bethany can’t keep her hands off her sexy beast of a husband!