All 16 Queer Eye makeovers ranked (so yes, get the tissues)

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QUEER EYE season 2 episode 4 production still. Photo: Courtesy of Netfilx

8. Jason, “The Handyman Can” (S2, E4)

Jason is a 48-year-old handyman whose entire life revolves around the Burning Man festival, so much that he doesn’t put any effort into his look unless it’s part of his Burning Man costumes. His best friend Beth nominated him because his “granola meets aging hipster” style desperately needed updating.

Jason is about to make a big move from Atlanta, Georgia to Reno, Nevada to be closer to Burning Man and get a fresh start. But his friend (and maybe more) Beth isn’t sure she wants him to move, and neither do the Fab Five. His house is as big a mess as the rest of his life. He has some great pieces, but they’re all lost in a mess of his Burning Man props, his half-done art, and other junk.

Like most of the other “heroes” on Queer Eye, as soon as they trim their hair and shave off their scraggly facial hair, they immediately look 100 times better. Jason was no exception, and as soon as Jonathan cleaned up his face, he looked years younger already. When Tan got him out of his ill-fitting, faded, scrappy clothes and into some skinny jeans, a tailored button-down, and some new shoes, you could tell Jason hadn’t seen himself look that good in years.

If you haven’t noticed by now, a Queer Eye makeover isn’t successful solely because of their physical transformation, even if Jason did have such a major one. Karamo and Bobby helped Jason confront his problem with not finishing projects, and he even managed to finish up some of his metal workpieces to sell off in a silent auction at his goodbye party.

Beth, his best friend (and definitely not his girlfriend, wink wink), was emotional the moment she saw his transformation. She could see the difference, in both his appearance and his demeanor.

It was a happy ending for Jason, too. He decided not to move to Reno in the end, and BIG SURPRISE — he ended up with Beth! All he really needed was that kick in the butt from the Fab Five to convince him that everything he needed was right there in front of him in Atlanta.