All 16 Queer Eye makeovers ranked (so yes, get the tissues)

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QUEER EYE season 2 episode 7 production still. Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

10. Sean, “Bedazzled” (S2, E7)

It’s not just grown men who need help from the Fab Five! 18-year-old singer-songwriter Sean is about to take a huge step in his life as he gets ready to leave home for college. He was homeschooled by his godmother/guardian Lulu to help him master his piano and singing skills, but now it’s time for him to leave the nest.

The only problem with him being homeschooled is that he was never really around people his own age, so he doesn’t have many friends. And the friends he does have, are all Lulu’s age. You can tell he hasn’t been around a lot of teens by the fact that he completely clams up when the Fab Five ask him if he listens to any contemporary artists. Instead, he lists his inspirations as artists like Rod Stewart and Elton John.

He comes off as more introverted when he’s not on stage, and Lulu wants the Fab Five to help him come out of his shell and help him on his path to adulthood. Also, his entire wardrobe consists of basic button downs and crazy, flamboyant jackets that he wears on stage. Not many 18-year-olds wear jackets with their names embroidered in sequins on the back!

What made Sean’s makeover unique from some of the other transformations on Queer Eye is that the Fab Five really focused on trying to make Sean act and looks more his age, because he acts and dresses so much older than he is. Tan makes him shake off his rigidity and try on some cool, younger clothes and that’s when we finally start seeing a confident young man.

It was also nice to see them plan some activities for Sean to socialize with kids his own age, like in a cooking class with Antoni and a paintballing outing with Karamo and Bobby. He’s awkward at first, but by the end of the day, we can finally see a kid having fun instead of the stiff, piano man we met at the beginning of the episode.

Not to mention, Jonathan cleaned up that vintage Bieber hair ‘do and peach fuzz to make him a handsome young man, and Bobby gave him the perfect new apartment to start his new, college student life. He literally couldn’t stop smiling, and that makes it all worth it.