All 16 Queer Eye makeovers ranked (so yes, get the tissues)

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Queer Eye season 1 episode 6 production still. Image: Courtesy of Netflix

11. Remington, “The Renaissance of Remington” (S1, E6)

On this season one episode of Queer Eye, the boys step into a time machine and travel back to the 1970s, thanks to Remington’s outdated house. The 27-year-old entrepreneur lives in his grandmother’s old house with his best friend, but the house hasn’t been decorated for decades. Bobby definitely had his work cut out for him this episode!

Remy sleeps in his mother’s childhood bedroom, and with all that satin and lace, it definitely doesn’t look like a grown man’s room. In fact, the whole house looks exactly like a grandmother’s house. You could never tell two young men are living there.

His mother nominated him not only because of the house but also because he’s constantly dressed in workout clothes and has pretty limited skills in the kitchen. It’s time for him to grow up, and that’s where the Fab Five come in!

Jonathan brings him to the barber for a slick fade and a shave, which immediately makes him look 100 times more handsome. Karamo and Antoni help Remy get in touch with his family traditions by teaching him some family recipes (Antoni got a little lesson from Remy’s mama) and taking a trip to a whiskey distillery.

As usual, Bobby was the real MVP of this makeover, and it’s probably one of the best home makeovers in the series so far. Gone are the green carpets, ugly kitchen, and outdated furniture! The transformation left Remy speechless, and even a little emotional. Bobby tried to keep his grandmother’s spirit alive with touches all around the house, but still made it look like a brand new space.

The theme of this episode was definitely establishing a family legacy, so it was touching to see all the heartwarming references to his late father and grandmother. And Remington is all smiles by the end of the episode, so that’s a surefire sign that this was a successful makeover!