Meghan Markle may have a British accent now, and it sounds adorable


Meghan Markle seems to be adapting well to life as a member of the royal family. Not only is she taking part in public engagements, but she is even gaining a British accent.

Since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry in a lavish wedding in May, the couple has been busy focusing on their royal duties. This includes Markle traveling with the queen for a bridge opening in Cheshire, attending Prince Charles’ birthday celebration, and also taking part in this year’s Royal Ascot.

During all of these public engagements, Markle has shown how well she’s adapted to being a part of the royal family — all the way to how she speaks. A new video circulating on Twitter seems to show the newly minted Duchess of Sussex speaking with a British accent.

video posted on Twitter in January brought attention to how Markle spoke, with some saying they could hear hints of a British accent. It’s pretty light though, in this video, if anything.

In a new video of the Duchess, people once again say they can hear a British accent from Meghan Markle. There is a lot of background noise making it relatively hard to hear everything that Markle is saying (as well as how she is saying it). Her speech and potential accent have sparked a bit of debate on Twitter.

Some on social media say the Duchess is developing a British accent already. Others, however, are saying that she is instead using British inflections in her speech. This means that while she is not actually speaking with a British accent, she is using different pitches and tone that are more commonly used by British people.

Overall though, the love of her accent is real and fans of hers are telling disbelievers of her possible accent to back off.

Considering her husband is a member of the royal family and she is living with people who have a British accent, it makes sense Markle’s speech is changing.

While a British accent is tough to pick up on, we can certainly hear the change in inflection. Over time, it is highly likely that Meghan Markle really will develop an accent, especially considering the way she speaks has already shifted in this short amount of time.

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Whether or not you can hear the accent that seems to be developing, it is clear that the Duchess of Sussex is embracing her new life, and acclimating to the world she now finds herself a part of.