Meghan Markle gets the honor of a royal train ride with the Queen


Meghan Markle is set to join Queen Elizabeth on the Royal Train. It is an honor usually reserved for senior members of the royal family.

Royal wedding fever has passed and now fans of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have new things to look forward to, including the newly minted Duchess’ upcoming solo trip with Queen Elizabeth II. In fact, it sounds like the newest addition to the royal family might truly be the chosen one. She is, of course, getting an honor that not even her husband has been granted.

According to Glamour Magazine, it seems that the Queen has invited Meghan Markle to join her on the Royal Train (and yes, this really is a thing that exists) for their upcoming trip to Cheshire, England.

It was announced last week that Markle and the queen would be traveling together for an official visit. That trip includes lunch at the Chester town hall, opening the Storyhouse Theatre, and even unveiling a new bridge. But news of the Royal Train ride seems to be quite new and even surprising.

The Duchess of Sussex is going to get an honor that is usually reserved for senior members of the royal family. As Royal Central explains, the Royal Train is typically only available for travel if you are Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, or his wife, Camilla. They each have their own saloons on the train, all equipped with bathrooms, sitting rooms, and bedrooms. In fact, the Royal Train is essentially a moving residence for the family. As such, they have all of the amenities of home, including a bath for the Queen.

The only other royal family member to ride aboard the train is Prince William, who rode it once for his birthday. Kate Middleton and Prince Harry have apparently never been for a ride on the royal train.

It looks like Her Majesty really does approve of her grandson’s new bride.

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Since Prince Harry will not be joining his grandmother or new bride, it seems like the perfect time for the Queen and her granddaughter-in-law to connect as they travel for official business. Perhaps they’ll bond over their love of Harry and their desire to change the world in some way.