Meghan Markle is about to go on a road trip with Queen Elizabeth


Meghan Markle is set to go on her first solo trip with Queen Elizabeth. It is the first of many royal duties that await the new Duchess of Sussex.

When we think of Queen Elizabeth, we think of regal posture and adorable corgis. Road trips, however, not so much.

But a road trip is absolutely about to go down across the pond, and Queen Betty is taking newlywed Meghan Markle along for the ride. On June 14, the Duchess of Sussex will go on her first royal outing with Queen Elizabeth. The two are set to visit the famed city of Chester, which will be a nearly four hour trip from London. (Probably four hours, because you know there will be stops for snacks.)

Can you imagine the conversations these two would have? And speaking of snacks, what’s the Queen’s favorite? It has to be something you can only eat wearing white gloves. Has to.

Now, back to business. The Queen and her new granddaughter-in-law have a few stops on their “away day”, as the trip is dubbed. The two will unveil a new bridge in Widnes, Cheshire, plus open the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre museum and the Storyhouse Theatre. Once work is done, the royal ladies will enjoy lunch at Chester’s Town Hall.

Meghan’s no stranger to being out on the road for royal duties. Before her royal wedding, she toured the country with Prince Harry. She’s also joined in on royal family activities such as attending a church service in May to celebrate Commonwealth Day.

Before the road trip, we’ll get to see Meghan and Harry together post-honeymoon. The new royal couple will celebrate the Queen’s 93rd birthday this Saturday during a public celebration known as Trooping the Colour.

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However, this is the first solo trip Meghan will go on with the Queen. We wish her the best of luck, can’t wait to see those road trip pics.