Game of Thrones season 8: No, Sophie Turner did not spoil the ending


Game of Thrones fans were all aflutter when they saw Sophie Turner’s new tattoo. In an interview, though, she debunked the theory.

Game of Thrones fans, we might have to start worrying again when it comes to the fates of the Starks. Speaking to Digital Spy, Sophie Turner addressed the recent hullabaloo over a new tattoo she got of the Stark direwolf with the caption of “the pack survives.”

“That would be so stupid,” she said. We can’t really disagree with that. After all, we know that Game of Thrones production (or HBO) have paid close attention to social media during this production period, where pictures have disappeared from Instagram. However, that Instagram photo of the tattoo is still there, at least as of this writing.

In other words, even though that tattoo got plenty of attention from media (including right here at Culturess), it apparently doesn’t qualify as enough of a spoiler to garner attention from the powers that be that are trying to prevent spoilers.

Apparently, according to Turner, the ending of the show is “unpredictable,” although she also pointed out that “big battle scenes” will play a part in season 8. To be completely fair, we knew about those. It’s rather hard to miss what’s going on in Belfast, for example. But even with those photos giving us some insights, we still don’t know every single detail about those scenes — or how Sansa might play a role in anything to come.

Notably, Turner was quite mum about what to expect from her character in season 8. All she could offer was some general information about characters in general. Since the body of the interview is all about how we, as fans, know nothing (or just something, but not the whole picture), we’re not going to speculate too much on it.

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After all, that’s what other spoilers are for, right? Hopefully, we’ll hear some more.