Kit Harington getting down with his bad self at the Game of Thrones wrap party is how to start a week off right


Help yourself get through the day by enjoying this video of Kit Harington dancing at the Game of Thrones wrap party, because it’s great.

Jon Snow might not know anything, but he does know how to look absolutely adorable while dancing … at least, Kit Harington does. The official (or at least more official) Game of Thrones wrap party took place this past weekend, and sleuths have turned up video from inside the party showing Harington himself doing both a little dancing and a little DJ work.

We have to say that he might not be the best dancer, but props to Emilia Clarke for taking photos and generally just being a supportive castmate and buddy.

He’s probably still all danced out from his wedding last month, so we can’t blame him for needing a little help from what looks like the actual DJ of the party to get his dancing started.

But in actual, possible spoiler-y news, the same fan account also posted a photo that appears to show a direwolf and dragon combined sigil:

The additional help by showing the Targaryen and Stark sigils in separate photos leads us to conclude that yes, this looks pretty legitimate. No word if it was specially put together for the wrap party … but that seems a little silly, truth be told. We know that Bran thinks it’s important to tell Jon of his true origins, even though that will make Jon’s newfound relationship with Daenerys more complicated than it already was.

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But let’s just go back to Harington having a good time and not worry about the incest reveal right now. Just enjoy it and let this carry you through some of the offseason.