Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers: The weirdest of all details


Although this isn’t the first look at something going on for Game of Thrones season 8, it certainly is the strangest. What in Westeros could this be?

Warning: Game of Thrones season 8 is still building things! Seriously! That’s what these photos are for.

Maybe our initial theory wasn’t right about this. Earlier this week, we brought you photos from A Red Priestess showing what both I and Dan Selcke, editor of Winter is Coming and host of Take the Black Live, thought was probably something for a siege.

Here’s the thing though: she now has more photos, and they don’t really seem to support that claim, as she points out herself in replies to her tweet with the images themselves. Our own sister site, WiC, even asked about whether or not she still thought it was something for a siege.

Her response? “It has a weird shape for a siege tower.” We can’t agree more; it doesn’t seem that large or tall, but it is ridiculously wide. Those same replies also include two other theories that we’d like to address.

The first is that the long shapes “look like arms,” which happens to have been my first thought as well. Perhaps the height for a siege tower comes from wight giants holding it up? That seems a little too ridiculous (though still very over the top and thus probably perfect for season 8, to be completely honest with you).

The other theory is that it looks like “a weirwood tree, but … more sinister.” Granted, there are no weirwood trees that far south, not anymore, and the godswood of King’s Landing does not have a weirwood in the show. That isn’t to say that a weirwood couldn’t grow there if stimulated by, say, Bran Stark, who shares a special connection with the trees anyway. Perhaps it’s his attempt as the three-eyed raven to help rebuff an attack on the city? A user on r/freefolk seemed to think so when the first photos surfaced.

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They may just be more right than they initially thought.