20 MCU characters that will always make us thirsty

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The Grandmaster

The Grandmaster has a ship where a bunch of people have orgies with him on it. That doesn’t really read as “oh nice character that everyone just politely likes from afar”. It screams that he is someone everyone wants in their bedroom.

Jeff Goldblum was introduced into the Marvel fandom and we fell in love right away. But then again, was anyone surprised? It is Jeff Goldblum, after all. He has a magnetism that still exists years after we all saw him in Jurassic Park and it doesn’t seem to be letting up.

The Grandmaster is probably a bad guy, but do we care? With a sexy little strip of blue on his lip, he’s hard to resist. Come to think of it, Jeff Goldblum could very well convince people to willingly sacrifice themselves in battle. If Jeff Goldblum asked the world to bring on the Hunger Games, there is definitely a chance that everyone would consider it because he’s that enticing.

We don’t know the fate of the Grandmaster after Thanos snapped his fingers. Perhaps he could help Thor, versus throw him into battle, along with the others as they try to fix the world in Avengers 4. Don’t know what he would do but having him there would definitely make everyone just a little bit hotter.