20 MCU characters that will always make us thirsty

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Steve Rogers

Look Peggy Carter poking at Steve Rogers pecks as soon as he came out of the super soldier serum was extremely relatable. It helps that that was just Hayley Atwell doing it subconsciously during the scene.

Steve Rogers is a thirst trap for a lot of reasons. Not only is he the sweetest among the Avengers but he also has the best intentions. Oh, and his body is a perfect Dorito shape that can pull helicopters down from the sky.

He rips logs in half, he has a beautiful beard. And he is also adorable for introducing himself to a teenage tree creature from space by sweetly responding to an “I am Groot” with “I am Steve Rogers” in the middle of a fight.

Sure some people don’t agree with the stuff that Steve does, especially when he will throw all caution to the wind to protect his best friend, but that just shows how loyal he is and how he is ready and willing to do whatever for those he loves.

You might as well just throw yourself into the ocean (like Steve Rogers did to save the world) in order to try and quench the thirst he causes.