25 movies with The Last Jedi actors you should definitely watch

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Batman: The Killing Joke (Mark Hamill)

We all know Mark Hamill to be the iconic protagonist of the Star Wars franchise, up through The Last Jedi. But when he entered the world of Batman and Gotham, things get darker for our beloved Hamill, much darker. In Batman: The Killing Joke, Hamill voices the villainous Joker. Batman pursues him after he escapes, and in return, the Clown Prince goes after the Gordon family to prove a demented point.

During the movie, we discover more about the Joker’s origin. We learn he was a lab tech who quit his job to do stand-up comedy, which he failed at. Needing money to support his pregnant wife, the Joker ended up turning to crime.

While an animated movie, things feel all too real and dark, making commentary on how quickly one can go from wanting to do good to doing bad. You could say there are some parallels from this storyline to that of Star Wars.

Sure, it seems a bit hard to imagine Hamill not only as playing a bad guy, but the bad guy of Gotham City. Then again, this is the kind of acting work we should celebrate, as Hamill or any of our beloved Star Wars characters shouldn’t be pegged as playing just one type — hero or villain. Now, if we could only see Daisy Ridley go to the dark side…