25 movies with The Last Jedi actors you should definitely watch

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Silence (Adam Driver)

This is the movie that all of us should refer to as “everyone in this movie was gunning for an Oscar nomination”. Too bad no one really got one but still. A movie about religion that sent Andrew Garfield into a crisis, it stars Kylo Ren himself.

Adam Driver has quite the impressive resume and he did before ever landing the role of Ben Solo in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. He’s only continued to get incredible roles and Silence is one of them.

When two priests venture to Japan to find their missing mentor (Liam Neeson), obviously they run into some issues. It has an all-star cast and should have been an incredible film. And it was for Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield.

The problem is just that it is a little bit slow at times but it is one that, as a fan of Adam Driver, everyone should see. It shows his range and that he isn’t just going to play roles like Kylo Ren throughout his career.

That and who doesn’t want to see Kylo Ren team up with Qui Gon Jinn? That won’t ever happen in a Star Wars movie so at least it happens in Silence.