25 movies with The Last Jedi actors you should definitely watch

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Labyrinth (Frank Oz)

Frank Oz makes a surprise return as Yoda in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. So why not also enjoy some of his other work in Labyrinth? A Jim Henson creation, Labyrinth is another masterpiece that features David Bowie.

When a young girl tells the Goblin King to come and take her baby brother, he listens. She realizes her mistake and then has to fight through his labyrinth to try and get Toby back. With music, puppets, magical doors that are very unhelpful and a whole series of tricks, the movie is incredibly fun to watch and be a part of.

Frank Oz does the voice for the Wiseman, a character meant to help Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) make it through the Labyrinth. Obviously, she gets an entire group together to help her beat the Goblin King before Toby becomes a goblin himself. This movie is filled with fun characters and wonderful twists and turns. No literally, there are twists and turns. It is a labyrinth after all.

If you’re not in there for Frank Oz, then definitely watch it for David Bowie in some super tight pants. That’s really fun and wonderful to see, especially with the ’80s rocker hair he has going on.