25 movies with The Last Jedi actors you should definitely watch

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500 Days of Summer (Joseph Gordon Levitt)

Yes, yes, JGL had a very quick cameo in The Last Jedi. So he deserves a little love from us here!

500 Days of Summer is an interesting movie because a lot of people misunderstood the film. They saw it as a commentary on Tom and how we were supposed to support him rather than tearing down the exact idea of Tom.

For those who don’t know, the movie shows 500 days of a relationship between Tom and Summer. She is, by definition, a Manic Pixie Dreamgirl and her entire situation is to improve upon Tom as a character. The movie does a pretty good job of showing how much Tom kind of sucks but, for whatever reason, audiences didn’t grasp that aspect of the film.

That being said, it has a great soundtrack and is beautifully written if you understand the message of the film. Which is about how the role of the woman in a movie shouldn’t be to fix the male character (I.E Summer saying whatever Tom turns out to be). So for some romantic drama mixed with JGL love, definitely watch 500 Days of Summer.