25 movies with The Last Jedi actors you should definitely watch

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The Fault in Our Stars (Laura Dern)

Love learning about children who are sick and fall in love with each other? No? Well then definitely do not watch or read The Fault In Our Stars. A novel by John Green, many of us found ourselves rolled up in a ball crying as Laura Dern talked about the fear of losing her daughter (in the movie).

Overall it is a pretty great story but you might need a box of tissues to watch it. It is definitely not for someone who wants to have a happy movie-going experience but then again, when do we ever want that?

Following the story of Hazel Grace and her love of Augustus Waters, the movie shows the impact that childhood cancer has on those it ravages upon as well as the parents. Which is where Laura Dern comes into the movie.

Playing Hazel’s mother, she doesn’t have much impact except for when she finally opens up about how it feels to worry constantly about Hazel. Overall, the movie is extremely emotionally charged and watching these children fall in love and become trapped by this unforgiving disease is not something that you want to sit and watch every single day. Still, Laura Dern is amazing in it.