25 movies with Marvel actors you should definitely watch

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Ingrid Goes West (Elizabeth Olsen)

Who wouldn’t move across the country, steal a dog, and try and become friends with Elizabeth Olsen? Starring Elizabeth and Aubrey Plaza, the movie is pretty straightforward. A less than mentally sound woman maces a woman on her wedding day, is seen by those near her as insane, and so she turned to social media.

There, she finds Taylor Sloane, an Instagram influencer. Taylor has many fans and one of those fans includes Ingrid. To get into Taylor’s good graces, Ingrid steals her dog and then calls to return the dog and thus, a fake friendship is born.

One of the most relatable parts of this movie is the idea that someone would go to great lengths to become friends with Lizzie Olsen. She’s super sweet, a great actress, and fangirls over Mark Hamill. What’s not to love about her?

While the movie got mixed reviews, it is a pretty solid indie flick and stars two amazing women. It’s fun, interesting, and shows the danger of what we share online and those who see it. Maybe don’t post so much about your dog or befriend the person that is bringing the dog back to you. That’s the moral of the story.