25 movies with Marvel actors you should definitely watch

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Crimson Peak (Tom Hiddleston)

Think Tom Hiddleston is as sexy as Loki? Well, get ready for Crimson Peak. In a weird movie where siblings are in love with each other, Tom may be at his most attractive.

The problem is that there are very specific moments that make you fall in love with Tom Hiddleston and you forget you are supposed to be paying attention to the plot. It is scary at times and things still don’t make a lot of sense by the end of it (blame Tom Hiddleston) but there are lovely moments.

One of those moments come when Tom Hiddleston literally climbs up the body of Mia Wasikowska in a very steamy scene. Now if Loki did that, we’d be set!

Starring Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston, and Jessica Chastain, it is a Guillermo Del Toro masterpiece. It’s dark, twisted, bloody, and really truly one of the best Tom Hiddleston looks outside of his turn in Kong: Skull Island.

Again though, the plot might be lacking but who is paying attention to that? As stated before, Tom Hiddleston crawls up a woman’s body. There is maybe no greater scene in the world for fangirls. Also, the costumes are to die for!