25 movies with Marvel actors you should definitely watch

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8 Mile (Anthony Mackie)

8 Mile is the movie about Marshall Mathers aka Eminem and his upbringing in a trailer park in Michigan.

That being said, Anthony Mackie played Papa Doc and was introduced to us all in a way that made us fall in love. Obviously, not much as changed, we still love Anthony Mackie, but it is funny that his debut film was 8 Mile.

Granted, if you’re one of the younger Marvel fans, you might want to wait to watch this one. Or maybe not (I saw it in theaters and I was only 11). It’s just that Eminem isn’t known for his kid-friendly lyrics and there are some questionable topics in the movie that aren’t exactly suited for all ages.

It is a prime Anthony Mackie though and one of the reasons that we have him today. Without 8 Mile, we may not have gotten our lovely Mackie as Sam Wilson. So maybe we should all thank Eminem for giving us the Falcon as we know him today?

Still, the movie holds up and is one of the best views into the man that Eminem ended up becoming. And it gave us “Lose Yourself” so it’s pretty much a win.