25 amazing fan art images from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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12. Captain Marvel

Again everyone, get ready for Carol Danvers. This artist decided to give a take on Brie Larson coming to life as Captain Marvel herself. From what we’ve seen of the set pictures, we won’t see the quintessential red, yellow, and blue ensemble until someway through her solo film.

But the minute she comes on screen with that star on her chest? Believe me, all of us are going to be screaming. We’ve waited for a female-led Marvel movie for quite some time and honestly, it is quite fitting that Captian Marvel is going to be the first one to take it on.

Hopefully, the movie takes this artist’s look into consideration as they’re preparing for the movie because it is honestly incredible. She looks powerful, ready to fight whoever is in her way, and as if she’s ready to take on Thanos all on her own.

Maybe we’ll get the female Avengers at the beginning of Avengers 4 with Carol at the front or maybe we won’t. Either way, it’ll be great to see her on screen and if this is just the start of the fan artwork, we’re in for quite the amazing pieces as we get closer and closer to her solo film release date.