25 amazing fan art images from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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13. Cable

Is this Thanos? Oh, no? It’s Cable? Oh that’s right, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is just becoming the Josh Brolin show. Really though, is anyone angry about that?

While we didn’t actually see his face as Thanos, his voice is so recognizable that to hear him as Cable was jarring for a moment. But luckily we could all easily get over that because Brolin’s portrayal of Cable is honestly one of the best parts of any Marvel movie.

For those who don’t know, Cable is a man from the future who comes to kill a child mutant that will eventually go crazy and kill Cable’s family. Wade’s job is to convince Cable that they can change the child and make him see the light and, throughout a pretty wild turn of events, Cable ends up being part of Wade’s X-Force.

That being said, most the time we see Cable and Wade in love with each other. which is fine, but this artist captures the complexity and beauty that is solely Cable. He’s just a man who wants his family back, even if he traps himself in the past to save Wade.

He’s a wonderfully complex character and to see everyone loving him is amazing!