The 100: Let’s talk about that major Diyoza reveal


The Diyoza reveal played a small part during this week’s episode of The 100, but it will likely become far more consequential in the coming episodes.

Fans of The 100 knew that Ivana Milicevic was pregnant while filming, but most believed that her pregnancy wouldn’t play a role on the show. This week’s episode proved us wrong: When Charmaine Diyoza has Abby examine her, she takes off her armor and reveals a baby bump.

The scene between Abby and Diyoza is a short one, and it doesn’t offer many details about the child. We don’t know how long Diyoza has been pregnant, nor do we know the identity of the father. Although her suggestive comments to McCreary throughout the season make him a likely candidate.

No one else in the Eligius camp seems to know that Diyoza is expecting, but this information makes her motivations far clearer for viewers. With a baby on the way, it’s no wonder she wants to maintain her hold on the only survivable land on earth. It also makes sense that she’s willing to take a more peaceful route with Wonkru, if only they’d surrender.

But since it’s unlikely that Octavia will meet her terms for peace, we have to wonder how the pregnancy will play into the rest of the season. Will the ruthless Bloodreina attempt to use Diyoza’s motherhood against her? She’s already taken advantage of Clarke’s love for Madi, so it wouldn’t be completely out of character.

This reveal also draws another parallel between Diyoza and Clarke. While Clarke isn’t Madi’s birth mother, she views the girl as an adopted daughter. Every decision she makes is with Madi’s safety in mind, and it’s likely that Diyoza’s choices are born of the same instincts.

Their need to protect their children could be the bridge that allows them to band together against Octavia. It may also motivate them to forge a peace between their peoples.

But if there’s anything we’ve learned from this show, it’s that peace is usually short-lived.

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The fifth season of The 100 continues on Tuesday, June 26 at 9 p.m. EST.