The 100 season 5 episode 7 review: Acceptable Losses


The latest episode of The 100 reveals just how far Octavia is willing to go to claim the last livable land valley.

Since its beginning, The 100 has been a series known for its character development. But no character has changed as much as Octavia Blake, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be returning to her own self any time soon. Her willingness to threaten even Indra for standing in her way demonstrates that.

But the greatest twist in “Acceptable Losses” is that Octavia and Kara have been breeding the worms that attacked Wonkru during “Shifting Sands.” Their plan is to unleash the creatures on the Eligius prisoners and claim the valley for themselves. Kara insists that the worms cannot live on green land for more than a few days, but unleashing parasites on the only survivable land still seems questionable at best.

Clarke and Bellamy tell Octavia as much, lamenting that their loved ones are in that valley as well. Octavia remains determined, declaring that these are “acceptable losses.” This decision, more than anything, shows how far gone she is. She’s willing to sacrifice anyone for the survival of her people.

And as much as we hate admitting it, it’s a mentality similar to Clarke’s during previous seasons.

Commemorating Jasper

Though Bellamy and Clarke are determined to stop Octavia’s war, their frustrations are nothing compared to Monty’s. Monty has been an advocate of peace since the earlier seasons of the show, but his best friend’s death has strengthened his views on the matter. And when Clarke gives him the note Jasper left for him, something in Monty snaps.

He reads the letter aloud to the others while they’re trying to find a way around Octavia’s plans. It’s a heartbreaking moment, particularly because Jasper’s words ring true: “There is no light at the end of the tunnel. There’s only the tunnel — another enemy, another war.” He blames the state of the world on human beings and given this season of The 100, it’s hard to disagree.

Trouble for Kabby

Things have been rocky for Kane and Abby this season, but this episode was the nail in the coffin of their relationship. One of the defectors dies in Abby’s care, and Kane is convinced she could have saved the girl had she been sober. He tells her as much, adding to the strain between the two of them.

Near the end of “Acceptable Losses,” Kane demands that Abby choose between himself and the drugs. Her stuttering excuses give him the answer he needs. He walks off, likely signaling the end of their relationship.

Wanheda versus Bloodreina

“Acceptable Losses” closes with the promise of another war: one between Clarke and Octavia.

Despite Clarke’s warnings to stay under the radar during her training, Madi eventually reveals her true strength in front of Octavia. To Clarke’s dismay, the great Bloodreina asks Madi to become her second. While the girl agrees, Octavia’s intentions are dubious. The whole affair seems to be a ploy to upset and control Clarke.

But viewers know that Clarke won’t be so easily defeated. She returns to her friends with a ferocity reminiscent of the old Clarke. She’s determined to meet Diyoza’s demand of total surrender, even if she needs to “take Octavia out” to do so.

Next: Will Octavia's mentorship help or harm Madi?

We just hope this doesn’t create a rift between her and Bellamy.