The 100: Will Octavia’s mentorship help or harm Madi?


During this week’s episode of The 100, Madi reveals the truth about her Nightblood to Octavia. While a brave decision on Madi’s part, it may prove equally foolish as the season progresses.

“Exit Wounds” opens new storylines for The 100‘s fifth season, one of these being Madi’s. While the earlier episodes introduced Madi and her relationship to Clarke, they left her mostly as a side character. But given her natural Nightblood, it was inevitable she would eventually move to the forefront of the season.

During this week’s episode, members of Wonkru begin questioning just how Madi survived Praimfaya. And Clarke’s insistence that she injected the girl with synthetic Nightblood isn’t enough to keep their suspicions at bay.

After realizing she poses too much of a threat to Octavia to remain in the camp, Clarke makes plans to send Madi to Diyoza. Even if Clarke isn’t welcome among Eligius, she’s willing to leave the girl in Abby’s hands.

Sensing that this plan doesn’t bode well for Clarke’s safety, Madi comes up with another. Against Clarke’s wishes, she tells Octavia the truth.

Thankfully, Octavia doesn’t kill Madi on the spot. She does, however, induct the girl into Wonkru. Despite her statement that Madi “doesn’t have to be afraid anymore,” it’s an eerie moment. As viewers watch Octavia grab Madi’s face, smearing both of their blood on her cheeks, it’s difficult not to experience the same fear as Clarke.

Before she walks off, Octavia tells Madi that her “training begins tomorrow.” It’s comforting that Madi will learn to defend herself, but it’s hard to determine whether Octavia has good intentions in declaring herself Madi’s mentor. Is she planning to have Madi take up her throne one day, or is she merely eliminating the threat in a discreet way?

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We’re not sure we’re ready for the answer to that question, but that won’t stop the upcoming episodes from giving it to us. “Acceptable Losses” airs on Tuesday, June 19.