The 100: How long will Charmaine Diyoza stay in charge?


The fifth season of The 100 introduces Charmaine Diyoza as its main antagonist, but her role becomes more complex with each episode. With more recent revelations, it’s questionable whether she’ll be able to maintain her command over Eligius.

During this week’s episode of The 100, Charmaine Diyoza finally begins to consider a truce between the Eligius Corporation and Wonkru. Moved by Wonkru’s unwavering loyalty to Octavia, Diyoza decides that these warriors may be worth keeping around.

She and Kane share a shocking moment over some tequila, during which she asks him whether he believes the group of murderers and thieves she’s in charge of would ever brave a sandstorm for her. The obvious answer? Of course not.

While the inmates clearly respect Diyoza for getting them “home,” it’s evident that their respect has its limits. Her men say as much during “Pandora’s Box. Many of them tolerate Diyoza but would easily betray her in favor of Paxton McCreary.

And with her decision to make peace with Octavia’s people may not be a popular one among the inmates. It’s possible her choice could lead to unrest in her camp, or even outright resistance. In other words, Diyoza could lose her command far sooner than we initially anticipated.

We see the beginnings of this dissent with Zeke Shaw’s disobedience in “Shifting Sands.” And while he crosses her because he believes she’s too ruthless in her treatment of their hostages, his choice is definitely a turning point for Eligius. It shows that Diyoza’s losing her grip on her people.

And if Shaw is bold enough to go against her, even secretly, we know the violent offenders will do the same. This is particularly true if they feel she’s getting “soft” or denying them of resources.

If they do overthrow the camp, Diyoza won’t be the only one in trouble. Abby may be safe given that she’s now their doctor, but Kane and Raven would see far more trouble under a McCreary leadership.

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We’ll see how things play out during the next episode, “Exit Wounds.” Be sure to watch it when it airs on Tuesday, June 5.