10 TV shows fans of The 100 should binge while waiting for the next episode


The fifth season of The 100 is upon us, but fans will need some way to keep entertained between weekly episodes. If you’re thinking of trying some other television shows, we have some series we recommend.

It’s been too long since fans of The 100 had their fill of survival struggles and post-apocalyptic drama. And though we don’t have much longer to wait for the show’s fifth season, we’ll soon be facing a long and antagonizing week between each and every episode that airs. Talk about frustrating.

So how do we spend those hours longing for answers to all the questions and cliffhangers that come with a typical episode of The 100? A television binge seems like the obvious answer. If one episode per week doesn’t satisfy your fix, there are tons of other shows bearing strong similarities to The 100.

And many of them have entire seasons you can binge all in one go.

1. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is similar to The 100 in the sense that they’re both set after the world has “ended.” Sure, radiation and zombie viruses have some pretty distinct differences. But both shows demonstrate the human will to survive through such devastation, and they both emphasize the cost that sometimes accompanies that survival instinct.

If you’re into the morally gray decisions and characters that dominate The 100, you’ll find just as many of them scattered throughout The Walking Dead. And both shows aren’t shy about bidding farewell to their characters. So if you love when The 100 tugs at your emotions, you’ll likely adore The Walking Dead too.

2. Fear the Walking Dead

While The Walking Dead shows the outcome of the zombie apocalypse, Fear the Walking Dead reveals the events leading up to the pandemic. It shares all the similarities The Walking Dead does with The 100, though its plot involves more of a transition into the world’s end.

And that makes it sound just like the later seasons of The 100. If you enjoyed watching Clarke and Bellamy try to ward off the inevitable Death Wave, you’ll likely appreciate this series.

Plus, if you’re still missing Lexa, Alycia Debnam-Carey plays one of the leading roles on the show. Just saying.

3. Firefly

If you’re into well-constructed space stories, Firefly is a series you might want to try. The show takes place 500 years in the future and follows a space crew willing to take on any assignment to ensure their survival. The aftermath of a massive war brings complications, including a group of cannibals.

Firefly’s description alone shares major similarities to The 100. It’s got a space ship, a crew hellbent on surviving and even the Firefly equivalent of Grounders. It’s the perfect science fiction story to keep you occupied while you’re waiting to see what Skaikru gets up to next.

4. Battlestar Galactica

In this remake of the 1970s series, the villainous Cyclons destroy 12 space territories in an attempt to wipe out humanity. As the show’s description goes, the last surviving humans escape on a fleet, hoping they can reach a 13th colony they’ve only heard of in stories – Earth.

The last survivors of humanity seeking refuge on an Earth they know little to nothing about? Sounds familiar. Add in the fact that the population has been mostly wiped out, and you’ve got another science fiction show just like The 100.

5. Lost

Lost and The 100 both feature characters landing on uncharted ground, though admittedly, the characters of Lost had a much bumpier landing than our delinquents from the Ark. In both shows, the casts also discover that all is not what it seems on the ground (or island). And perhaps, there are other living beings to contend with.

Apart from the technical likenesses, Lost also follows a wide range of individuals who become more fleshed out as the show continues. If you’re into character-driven shows (and The 100 is very character driven), you won’t be disappointed.

And if you decide to pick up Lost, you’ll be entertained for a long time. I’m talking six seasons with almost 20 episodes each long.

6. The Leftovers

The Leftovers isn’t set in space, but it certainly has the suspenseful science fiction thing going for it. The series begins after 140 million people vanish into thin air one afternoon. The Earth coins this event “The Departure,” and no one can figure out why it occurred or where the victims went.

On top of that mystery, the show features a cult, a few mysterious resurrections and some serious questions about what’s real and what isn’t. It’s a bizarre story to say the least.

True to The 100 fashion, The Leftovers is fast-paced, exciting and explores human nature and its impact on our relationships. It also poses the question: How do people get back to normal after calamity strikes?

7. Westworld

Science fiction fans should definitely check out HBO’s Westworlda series whose premise involves a futuristic theme park with robotic “hosts” intended to entertain the visitors. Unfortunately, these hosts begin to realize that there’s something off about their existence. And they begin to question their humanity, as artificial intelligence typically does.

Humanity is undoubtedly a huge theme throughout The 100, so fans are likely to eat up a science fiction tale with similar themes. Westworld and The 100 explore what it is to be human in different ways, but the underlying question remains the same.

8. Game of Thrones

I probably don’t need to tell you to watch Game of ThronesBut if you haven’t picked this series up yet, and you’re a fan of The 100, I suggest moving it to the top of your list.

Game of Thrones is full of characters facing the same political maneuvering and leadership struggles that the cast of The 100 so often do. Additionally, both shows portray some kick-butt women in power. I’d certainly be on board for Daenerys/Clarke 2020.

9. Dark Matter

Based on a comic book series published by Dark Horse ComicsDark Matter begins when several crew members of a spacecraft wake up with no recollection of who they are or why they’re on the ship. Naturally, they band together to find answers – discovering some disturbing things in the process.

Dark Matter and The 100 share a space theme, but the character interactions are also similar. The cast of Dark Matter is forced to work as a team, despite how unlikely their friendships are. Sounds like a certain band of delinquents we know.

10. The Returned

The Returned is lacking the science fiction element, but it contains all the drama and mystery fans of The 100 positively gobble up. In a small town, a bunch of previously dead residents reappear. They haven’t aged a day, nor do they have any recollection of being gone. As you can imagine, their loved ones are stumped.

The Returned portrays characters searching for answers to this impossible phenomenon. But more than that, it explores how bridges can be rebuilt after something as devastating as death. And as many of our characters on The 100 believe Clarke to be gone forever, we may see some similar themes in the show’s fifth season.

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Which show are you looking forward to watching first?